TC2027 Class Review

I think the method intended to use in the course was good but it has also room for improvement. Through the semester, I did the effort to keep it up with it and learned stuff but I’m not quite convinced yet if it was the best choice to learn this kind of subject.

Here are the things that I perceived from this class that could help improve it.

  • Discussions on class: I think they fell short because there was a lack of organization, we can have discussions where everyone could participate if we first preestablish the topics to be discussed on class and ask for a blog post related to certain topic before, having everyone write from different sources but also coming to the class to centralize the knowledge, learn from what others wrote about and from that coming to a conclusion would have been more effective to me.
  • Writing blog posts: It was ok to me, but I have to admit that after writing that many (20 in total throughout the course) it becomes a bit monotonous, similar to writing an essay.
  • Lab practices: I think some of them were not that well landed in accordance with the course topics. Also I would have appreciated a bit more problem-solving-challenging style kind of practices, because as I see it some of them just limited to install things but not see their actual application on real scenarios. Preparing some dynamic activity/lab practice that required us to use those tools would have been a much better approach.

Leaving aside my personal opinions from this method and class I have to admit that great blog posts (related and unrelated to the course) from great classmates came out as a result from it. The thinks I liked were using twitter and the freedom in general to write about the topics. I recognize professor Ken Bauer as one of the most available and flexible teachers out there and I respect him as the remarkable mentor he is and for the work he does to bring people together to accomplish things inside and outside ITESM.


2 thoughts on “TC2027 Class Review

  1. Thanks Kim, this is useful feedback and aligns with changes I have decided to make for the next round. I do appreciate the feedback here.

    There is a difficult balance here. As soon as one moves too far to the “rigid/normal” way of things, it can kill the creativity and expression. I ask if the class moves more “normal”, would the amazing posts from some students have happened? We will never know since we can’t go back in time to perform that experiment. I do trust that the students that *wanted* to dig deep and learn as much as possible had that chance. The question is how much did they want it? (that is not pointed at you Kim, don’t take it that way. You have a great post here that opens the discussion).

    I like David’s post over here:
    “Más que nada porque en clases convencionales, todos tienen miedo de preguntar o participar, pero al volverlo un flip classroom, hay más libertad.”

    That goes to my point of giving freedom is difficult to do just partially. Where is the right balance? That is the real question.

    Keep being awesome. I look forward to see where all of you go in life moving forward.


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