The various types of certifications in computer security (individual level)

Hello once more, today we are talking about some of the must’s of  a security expert in order to become a recognized professional, after all this certifications are proof that someone meets the qualifications.

Licenses (depending which one) may come from one of the following sources:

  1. Schools/Universities
  2. Vendors also known as sponsored credentials (e.g. Microsoft, Cisco)
  3. Association and Organization sponsored credentials
  4. Governmental body sponsored licenses, certifications and credentials

There are a lot of certifications out there, but here we are going to discuss just 5.

CEH Credential

Recently I discovered the Certified Ethical Hacker Credential, as discussed before in a blog post talking about Ethical Hacking, this certification ensures that the person is trained on detecting systems vulnerabilities with techniques that also hackers employ.

The exam for this type of certification has 125 questions related to penetration testing techniques, security laws and standards, malicious software coverage and hacking in general. Also there are several sites and universities that offer training in the matter.

CompTIA n’ Friends

CompTIA works as a professional certification provider in the information technology industry, once obtained; certifications they offer like A+, N+ and  Security+ have a validity duration of 3 years.

  • A+ is a basic essential IT certification, that demonstrates competence as a computer technician.
  • N+ (or Network+) well the name speaks for itself It certifies skills as a network technician
  • Security+ the one we care about inside the information security course, ensures security knowledge and skills, it covers principles for network security and risk management inside systems.


Stands for Certified Information Systems Security Professional. This consists in an exhaustive 6 hours with 250 question examination. It is given to those who show deep knowledge and competence in new threaths and growing security attacks. It covers topics like: Identity access management, security operations and the insurance of assets.


GIAC stands for (Global Information Assurance Certification) it was created to validate the skills of an information security professional, it focuses mainly in areas like information and software security. GIAC is highly valuable because it demonstrates knowledge in specific areas like intrusion detection, forensics and hacker techniques; just to mention some of them.

GIAC certification lasts for 4 years and it is perfect for those who are looking for a job  as a security analyst or an IT security Engineer.

CISA Certification

One of the many benefits of cisa is that the person with this type of certification can master topic like security audits, control and other security matters. That’s where it gets its name Certified Information System Auditor.

And as a bonus, according to linked this is the table of the most popular types of certification for 2016 along with it’s median salary.





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