The rate game

There are some sites that helps us rate teachers, rate movies, even rate different kinds of beer. On facebook, youtube, twitter, netflix etc.. there is also this feature in the form of likes and/or star rating. This is information is useful for the page itself and the user obviously because it tells useful information of what people think of your content.

Is there a way we can apply this same principle and in the process benefit from the critics but in a non-threatening way? because you know if you want an opinion of something in facebook sometimes for shyness we lack ourselves from asking it.

That´s where this idea came from, the following web application lets you anonymously ask for opinion of strangers in a controlled and non threatening way about any topic you decide.

As user you can do two things: Create an opinion card or browse through different opinion cards and leave your opinion on them. There will be 3 different kind of opinion card format, something like:


Commented opinions won´t be allowed for now, I believe that when you leave the freedom of being anonymous on things of this type, people tend to be either trolls or just rude. So in order to protect our main user (user looking for advise) this is not considered now.

How will you keep track of cards if they are done anonymously? I would like to say that you as user would have an account but that is not yet decided, either the user would make an account or keep track of the card number (not so sure about this last one).

The interesting thing about this is to make and practice some cool analytics based on the answers from the cards. For example on the search bar (there will be a search bar) we can search for the opinion of people or some movie or a book or an event (brexit I don´t know) or a certain topic that can help the user make a decision. We can display information about it in a neat way.

I believe that the simplicity and  anonymity that the concept brings to the table will leave some honest and useful opinions on any kind of topic.

-Barack Obama, 2016

Right now this is the first concept of the application that it is going to be our main project for the Web Application Development class, it’s a non lucrative app and I hope it become a good practice (never done a web project before) and integrates everything that is needed to make a good site. Let’s Do This! (Further information will be posted here, sorry if this appears in the blog for TC2027 ken)




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